How Long Does It Take To Learn Piano?

Learning the piano has been considered a really noble pursuit for a long time. However, many people often think of it as a task that is too daunting mostly because of the doubts they have regarding the time it takes to learn how to play the piano. The truth is that with the right approach, you can become quite proficient in playing the piano a lot faster than most people assume. Here is a breakdown of the time frame involved. …

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How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar?

How long does it take to learn guitar? There are a lot of people who have the desire to learn how to play the guitar. During the initial stages of this desire, people often wonder how long it will take for them to learn guitar. It is quite natural to have this question and finding the right answer will go a long way in making sure that you are motivated enough to take the first step while also being completely …

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How Much Do Singing Lessons Cost?

man crowd surfing while singing

On the surface, singing might appear to be one of the easiest endeavors that one can undertake. However, even the most naturally gifted singer needs lessons to fully realize his or her potential. These lessons come in various forms but they can be broadly classified into three – free, in-person, and online lessons. Here is a look at the pros and cons of each type. Free Singing Lessons It is often very difficult to say no to something that is …

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How Much Do Piano Lessons Cost?

girls hands playing a piano with sheet music

While each musical instrument has its own unique charm, the piano has something about it that makes it classy and austere. It is also one of those instruments that makes it incredibly easy to visualize how music works. As such, learning how to play the piano is something a lot of people would love to do. As is the case with most creative endeavors, there are multiple ways in which you can go about this. To be more specific, all …

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How Much Do Guitar Lessons Cost?

cat sleeping in guitar case in the middle of the street

Of all the musical instruments around the world, the guitar is perhaps the most popular and one of the coolest. However, like any other skill, playing guitar is something that needs to be learned. Choosing the right guitar lessons can make all the difference between it being an enduringly rewarding endeavor and a failed and misguided pursuit. If you are looking to learn how to play the guitar, you can choose one of three avenues, and here is a look …

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How To Learn The Guitar – The Beginner Guitar Guide

playing guitar in front of beach

By learning to play the guitar, you could be taking the first big steps in your musical journey. This instrument can be intimidating at first, but it is normal to be overwhelmed with everything to learn in the beginning. By following our helpful tips and tricks, and with plenty of practice, you can get started on the right foot. Can I Play the Guitar? Of course, you can play the guitar! No matter how old you are, you are never …

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How To Learn The Piano – 8 Essential Steps For Beginners

piano teacher and student

Have you always dreamed of learning the piano but never had the time? Do you have an old keyboard or piano at home but aren’t sure how to get started? Learning piano is easier and more accessible than ever thanks to an abundance of online resources. Anyone can learn this beautiful versatile instrument at little to no cost. Whether you’ve tried another instrument in the past or don’t consider yourself musical at all, piano is right for you. It’s more …

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Learn To Sing – Everything You Need To Know

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People have a strange double standard around singing…  While most people have come to accept that anyone can learn to play an instrument with enough practice, most people still cling to the idea that singing can only be natural talent! “You are either born with a good voice or you aren’t.” “There’s no way you can learn how to sing in tune!” “It’s a gift you have to be born with.” You’ve probably heard at least one of these statements …

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