JamPlay Review – The Pros And Cons

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About the Course

This 2020 review will take you through the key details on the course, who it’s most suitable for, as well as a look at the pros and cons of JamPlay online guitar lessons. Read on for more info!

The Basics:

JamPlay is one of the largest online guitar learning platforms on the web. It caters to all levels of players, from total beginners to advanced guitarists. Currently, the platform has over 500,000 learners and more than 100 different teachers. There is a huge library of around 5000 different lessons, 2450 practice songs, and 200 courses. All feature high-end video production to make it easy to follow and understand the instrument.

Key Features:

  • Extensive library: find a course to suit your level, songs to practice with, as well as lessons to hone particular skills, scales, chords, and riffs. This really is a treasure trove of all kinds of guitar-learning resources.
  • Tracking and training tools: JamPlay offers progress reports, training games, tracks to play along to, as well as software to create your own custom chord sheets.
  • Different genres: If you play (or want to play) a particular genre of music, you’re in luck. JamPlay offers guitar training courses in a range of different genres.
  • Live webcasts: There are live webcasts of lessons on offer every day, so if you prefer the excitement and experience of having a live lesson, there are plenty available.
  • Q&A: The daily question and answer session fives you the opportunity to ask a JamPlay teacher questions directly, for example, if there was something in particular you want to fix in your practice.
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Who Is This Course For?

Wondering if JamPlay is for you? It offers courses for all different levels and styles of guitarists. Here we’ll be taking a look at their different courses, and who they are best for.

Foundation Courses: For novice guitarists

Foundation courses on JamPlay are designed to teach novice players all the basic techniques and skills to get started with the guitar. There’s more than 650 lessons available for beginners, offered over 3 different curricula:

  • One is for those who have never played before. It teaches basic skills such as fret posture and how to hold the pick correctly.
  • The next is for self-taught guitarists. It focuses on correcting common issues that crop up in self-taught methods.
  • The third foundation course is more advanced, and teaches basic music theory and time signatures, as well as helping the user refine practice routines.
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Genre Courses: For learning a particular style

There’s a whole range of ways and styles to play the guitar, and JamPlay offers courses on over 20 different popular genres. These include:

  • Rock
  • Metal
  • Jazz
  • Classical
  • Country
  • Blues
  • Reggae
  • Celtic

Each genre course shows the number of lessons within it, the instructor, the skill level required, as well as reviews for those who have completed the course. These are really helpful in deciding whether a particular genre course is right for you or not.

Skill-building Courses: For those who want to develop skills

Building a strong repertoire of guitar skills is notoriously hard, so JamPlay offers over 50 courses aimed at skill-building to tackle those problem areas. They are divided into music theory lessons and playing skills and include categories such as:

  • Core techniques
  • Speed and technique
  • Singing and recording
  • Instrument care
  • Reading music
  • Theory and Improvisation

This section of the website is really useful no matter what level of guitarist you are – there’s always something to improve and build on!

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Song-Learning Courses: for those who want to learn specific songs

Song-learning courses on JamPlay are great for those who want to learn a particular song or set of songs. These courses combine elements that you learn in other courses too, as the instructor uses some musical theory along the way, and helps you make sure you’re playing the instrument correctly. JamPlay’s song-learning courses are therefore a fantastic way to build upon your basic guitar skills and your music theory at the same time.

With over 400 song-learning courses on JamPlay, you’re spoilt for choice. Depending on the song, they range from 10 minutes up to 90 minutes of guided assistance. You’ll love these courses if you want to learn a range of different songs that you’re already familiar with while honing your skills.

Master Classes: for experienced guitarists

Master Classes are best suited to intermediate to expert level guitar players. These are courses led by celebrity instructors. Ever wanted to learn a Billy Idol song from Billy Idol’s band guitarist? You should definitely choose the Mater Classes.

These lessons aren’t designed to teach foundational concepts, so you’ll need to do a range of other lessons first if you don’t have the experience already. Master Classes on JamPlay are best for learning how to emulate a specific style of guitar playing, as well as how to capture the particular composition and chords of a song.


As the courses outlined above show, JamPlay is suitable for just about anyone who wants to pick up a guitar and play. From total beginner to advanced guitarist, there is something for everyone.

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Why You Should Enroll

You should sign-up with JamPlay if you want to access all of the above courses and more. It’s an affordable platform with a wide range of materials to cater to your every guitar-based need.

If you’ve been considering guitar lessons but haven’t been sure which route to go down, online lessons with JamPlay may be the answer. They are great for people who want the flexibility of distance learning, or for those who don’t want to commit to fixed class times.

Similarly, if you want to try out different styles and songs without having to commit to a particular teacher or curriculum, JamPlay would be a great choice. You can choose different teachers, styles, and courses so you get the learning experience you want.

Advantages of JamPlay

  • One of the most extensive libraries of guitar resources available online.
  • Suits all levels of players.
  • Large collection of tools and software to make your learning journey unique.
  • Great selection of experienced and accessible teachers.
  • High-quality video production.r
  • Covers a vast range of genres and styles.
  • Celebrity Master Classes.

Disadvantages of JamPlay

  • The layout of the various curricula offered could be made clearer.  Guitar Tricks or Fender Play may be better if you prefer a clear course curriculum.
  • The sheer abundance of material can be a little difficult to get your head around as a complete beginner – but once you do, it’s totally worth it!  You could also check out Jamorama as a introductory bootcamp before diving into Jamplay.
  • Some musical genres are underrepresented (but on the positive, the collection keeps growing).  Truefire is a similar platform but you may find the genres you are looking for there.  You can also check out some other guitar courses to find the best match for you.


JamPlay is a high-quality and affordable platform for guitarists of all levels. It has a wide range of beginner-friendly courses, as well as a huge amount of quality information for intermediate and more experienced guitarists. While the wealth of information and courses may be intimidating to start with, you certainly can’t deny the overall value for money you get with the JamPlay website.

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