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About the Course

If you want to learn guitar but also want to avoid the rigid limitations of in-person lessons, TrueFire may be for you. Our TrueFire review details the ins and outs, giving you an honest account of this online video platform.

TrueFire is an online resource for guitar players from all over the world. black and white electric guitaristWith over thousands of learning videos and over 700 courses, it’s an excellent site for players of any level.

You can benefit from TrueFire, whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate, or a well-seasoned player. The lessons cover a range of guitar skills.

The site is clean, simple, and professional, and the courses follow a similarly well-organized structure. Lessons are easy to operate and follow with a step-by-step guide.

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TrueFire is an impressive site that allows pupils to learn at their own pace and practice whenever they choose. Some of the features we appreciated during the TrueFire review include:

Interactive Lab

You can access TrueFire guitar courses through the interactive synced lab space. Each lesson has a video with a lesson list displayed in the sidebar.

This simple layout means you can easily follow the lessons. You can find the videos again whenever you want to practice. With the interactive lab, you can customize your learning path to your needs.

Guitar Lessons: From Fundamentals to Advanced

New pupils who have never played guitar before or know very little will start with beginner lessons. The videos teach simple skills such as basic notes, chords, scales, and techniques. Unlike physical guitar lessons, you’ll be able to learn skills at a much quicker rate.

With the basic skills under your belt, you can move onto more tailored courses. If you already know how to play, you can skip straight to these lessons and further advanced levels.

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Wide-Ranging Selection of Styles and Instruction Modes

From Blues and Jazz lessons to Country, Rock, and Acoustic sessions, TrueFire offers lessons in various musical styles. No matter your genre preference, you can find songs suited for your tastes.

The lessons also offer technical aids, accommodating a wide range of learning styles. You gain access to HD enhanced video, slo-mo, synced lab space, looping, jam tracks, etc. The selection enhances the quality of teaching.

Structured Learning

Whether you’re learning universal guitar skills or focusing on something more specific, you’ll have guidance through every step.

This structure also means that you can start at any stage. Pick up the guitar initially as a new learner, jump into the middle as an intermediate player, or aim straight for the advanced level courses.

Who Is This Course For?

The TrueFire course is suitable for anyone, from beginners to advanced level players. The simple, organized structure means you can access material no matter your skill level.

Whatever level player you are, the relatively low course prices and flexible structure makes TrueFire an ideal musical learning program. If you can check any of these items, TrueFire is for you:

  • Looking to spend less
  • Limited free time
  • Desire to learn quickly and intentionally

The course does work best for those at an intermediate or advanced level. The highly skilled teachers can finely tune guitar skills and enhance guitarists’ playing with strong musical knowledge.

Why You Should Enroll

TrueFire runs successful courses that work well for any guitar player who wants to learn from high-level artists and educators. The courses’ virtual nature means that top-quality lessons are available to diverse learners and not merely the best. Grammy award winners, world-renowned teachers, and top session players are all there to teach you new skills.

If you’ve wanted to learn the guitar for a long time or would like to learn for a bit of fun, the TrueFire courses are suitable for your needs. Traditional guitar lessons tie you into a set program. These programs can take many years and cost a lot of money. With virtual, online learning, you can avoid all this and learn to play on a flexible, cost-effective schedule created by you.

With new courses uploaded weekly and access to free monthly downloads, the fresh material on offer means learning is continually evolving. While lessons provide a reliable, step by step guide for you to follow, you can be creative in approaching your lessons and setting your schedule.

Advantages of TrueFire

  • Easy access – The nature of the TrueFire course means that you can access it easily wherever you are, whenever you want and on any device. It offers you the freedom to be your master and remain in control of your learning schedule.
  • Free trial and cancellation – The program offers you a free trial. As a student, you have no obligation to complete the course. You can cancel your membership at any time for no cost.
  • Progress tracking – The course enables you to keep track of your progress through a mapping system. You won’t risk forgetting what you last practiced, enabling you to set goals.
  • HD video – Crystal clear video lessons mean you can learn in an uninterrupted environment and gain quality, accurate practice.

Disadvantages of TrueFire

  • Video only – The use of videos is beneficial to pupils seeking flexibility and quick progress. However, video teaching can’t take note of mistakes and refine playing in the same way as physical lessons.  Jamplay offers a better community if you are a player who needs a supportive community.
  • Better for intermediate players – The type of courses on offer tend to benefit the intermediate and advanced players more than the learners. Beginners may prefer Guitar Tricks clear learning paths, or Fender Play’s more affordable entry course.
  • The number of courses available is fantastic for players wanting to diversify their skills, but not so good for those needing basic teaching.  Some players might need Jamorama‘s course to learn the basics before graduating to Truefire.
  • If you think a different course might be for you, check out our review of the best online guitar courses
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TrueFire offers a well-rounded program with a diverse range of courses for all kinds of players. Although the lessons cater to intermediate and advanced level players, beginners can still learn basic skills with ease.

In our TrueFire review, we loved how the video-led teaching system allows students greater flexibility with their learning. The site’s clear layout and easy to follow lesson guides create an organized, professional learning environment.

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