How Long Does It Take To Learn Piano?

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Learning the piano has been considered a really noble pursuit for a long time. However, many people often think of it as a task that is too daunting mostly because of the doubts they have regarding the time it takes to learn how to play the piano. The truth is that with the right approach, you can become quite proficient in playing the piano a lot faster than most people assume. Here is a breakdown of the time frame involved.

How Long Does It Take To Play Your First Piano Song

One of the most exciting aspects of learning the piano is to be able to play your first song on it. Surprisingly, it isn’t as difficult as most people envision it to be. In fact, because of how the piano keys are laid out, it is very easy to visualize and this makes learning a simple song pretty fast. Most people who have never even touched a piano before can play their first song in a matter of days and usually within the first two weeks after they have started.

How Long Does It Take To Master The Piano

This is an entirely different matter though. Learning to play a few simple songs on the piano and being able to glide up and down the keyboard with both hands with the dexterity of a concert pianist is a totally different thing. It takes years and even decades of commitment and practice to achieve a high level of expertise. Even then, the learning process never stops. There will always be something new to learn and perfect and thus learning to play the piano is a lifelong adventure. However, as long as you regularly dedicate time to practicing the piano and employ the right method, you should be able to achieve a decent level of expertise in a couple of years.

How Can I Learn The Piano Faster

There are obviously many approaches you can take to learning the piano. Each has its own benefits but if you are looking to play the piano proficiently in as short a time period as possible, there is only one approach that really works and that is through online piano lessons. There are some excellent online Piano lessons such as Playground Sessions, Flowkey, and Skoove. Any of these will help you learn how to play the piano very quickly. In fact, if you put in the time and effort, you can attain a semi-professional level of proficiency in around a year. Here are all the reasons why online piano lessons help you learn the piano quickly.

  • These lessons are very affordable usually ranging from $10 to $15 a month and even less if you go for an annual subscription.
  • They are very nicely structured which allows you to make steady progress while also being able to keep a track of how far you have come along
  • They help you to approach the entire process in a goal-driven manner which is a proven strategy when it comes to learning something new
  • You can learn at your own pace and according to your own timetable
  • A lot of helpful resources are also provided to make sure that you do not get stuck at any point
  • You can pick and choose the lessons you want
  • You don’t have to waste time trying to find what you need as these lessons are laid out in a very intuitive manner
  • You don’t have to sit through time-consuming sales pitches and promotional material

Learning to play the piano is indeed a great pursuit and something that you will relish for the rest of your life. Online lessons will make sure that you do that effectively and quickly.