How Much Do Piano Lessons Cost?

girls hands playing a piano with sheet music

While each musical instrument has its own unique charm, the piano has something about it that makes it classy and austere. It is also one of those instruments that makes it incredibly easy to visualize how music works. As such, learning how to play the piano is something a lot of people would love to do. As is the case with most creative endeavors, there are multiple ways in which you can go about this. To be more specific, all the options available to learn piano can be classified into three, and here is a more detailed look at each one of them

Free Piano Lessons

Despite the common saying that free is good, that is not always the case and piano lessons are a great example of that. There is no shortage of these so-called free lessons such as those found on YouTube and Hoffman Academy’s website but they are not the ideal option if you are serious about learning to play the piano.

These tend to be great to get started but they will either lack substance or structure or both. There is a very simple reason for this. These free options need to keep putting out new content to stay viable which means that the emphasis is more on catchier topics or lessons rather than presenting a coherent and easy-to-follow structure that will actually help you out when it comes to proficiently play the piano.

How Much Do In-Person Piano Lessons Cost?

So, if free lessons aren’t the answer then what? You might be inclined to think that in-person lessons would be the obvious answer. It is true that this option can be a lot more effective than free lessons but they are not great either. Their biggest downside is their price. You will obviously be charged quite a lot if someone were to set aside their time just for you. To put it into perspective, a 30-minute piano lesson at Guitar Center costs $129. To learn the piano properly, you will need a lot of lessons and each lesson at such a price-point will really add up.

The significant point here is that you do not really need in-person lessons to get good at playing the piano. It is a bit too much as there is a much more economical and a pretty effective option which is what we will take a look at next.

How Much Do Online Piano Lessons Cost?

Even though looking at someone playing a highly complicated piece of music on the piano can give you the impression that learning the piano is very difficult. That is not the case. It isn’t easy but as long as you are committed and persevere, you will get to a high level of proficiency with time and the cost of the lessons doesn’t play a role in this. Online lessons give you the convenience of free lessons while having just as much depth and substance as in-person lessons. Here is a closer look at why online lessons are the ideal way to go about learning the piano.

  • They follow a structured path with milestones and goals which help you keep track of your progress
  • They help you set smaller goals which makes the entire proposition of learning how to play the piano quite attainable
  • They are much more pocket-friendly. Playground Sessions offer memberships that cost $17.99 a month, $119.88 annually, and $289.99 for a lifetime membership. Flowkey offers piano lessons at $19.99 a month, $119.88 annually, and $299.99 for a lifetime membership. There are many other platforms that offer great lessons at similar price points
  • They also offer great support platforms like forums and bonus content that will help you out in case you get stuck at some point or if you find something from a particular lesson difficult to grasp
  • Almost all of the online lessons offer free sample lessons so that you can find the program that works the best for you
  • You don’t need to sit through unnecessary fluff like sales pitches, catchy jargon, or things that you have no interest in

Learning a musical instrument like the piano can be a highly rewarding experience and online lessons offer you a practical and effective of doing so without burning a massive hole in your pocket.