How Much Do Singing Lessons Cost?

man crowd surfing while singing

On the surface, singing might appear to be one of the easiest endeavors that one can undertake. However, even the most naturally gifted singer needs lessons to fully realize his or her potential. These lessons come in various forms but they can be broadly classified into three – free, in-person, and online lessons. Here is a look at the pros and cons of each type.

Free Singing Lessons

It is often very difficult to say no to something that is free. After all, what is there to lose? At least, that is the mentality most people have when presented with something that they don’t have to shell out any money for. When it comes to singing lessons, the free options may seem like the perfect solution. Youtube and Dr Dans Voice Essentials offer many free lessons but they aren’t the ideal solution if you are serious about singing.

The biggest problems associated with these free lessons are that they lack structure and substance. Since these lessons earn their revenue by the number of views they get, they are often geared towards being catchy and as such, every little aspect of becoming a great singer won’t be touched by these free lessons. You will forever feel like you are at a beginner level and you will hit a plateau even before you start. These free lessons are a great way to get a feel for the technical side of singing but if you want to get really good at your craft then you will have to look elsewhere.

How Much Do In-Person Singing Lessons Cost?

If free isn’t good enough then paid must be the answer but it is not that simple. Paid lessons can be of two types – in-person and online. The former might seem like the best option and a renowned option is offered by the School of Rock. However, these lessons can cost anywhere between $150 and $350 a month depending on your location and the exact lesson you are getting. As becoming a good enough singer will take multiple months or even years, in-person lessons can become really expensive.

The question then is if this premium cost is worth it and in the absence of a better alternative, that would have been the sad reality. Thankfully, though, you do have a much better option and that is what we are going to look at next.

How Much Do Online Singing Lessons Cost?

Online lessons like those offered by 30 Day Singer, Singorama, or Roger Loves Singing Academy are as comprehensive as in-person lessons but they do not cost anywhere as much. 30 Day Singer costs $29.95 a month. Singorama‘s singing lessons cost $27 a month while Roger Loves Singing Academy offers their course in three packages priced at a one-time cost of $197, $297, and $597 respectively for each package. Even the most expensive of these is still a lot more affordable than in-person lessons. The best part is that these online lessons are just as good if not more effective and here are a few reasons why they are the best option to learn singing.

  • These online lessons follow a well-defined structure which makes them easier to follow
  • They also make it a lot more convenient to judge your progress
  • These online lessons are much more reasonably priced
  • They come with excellent support systems in the form of forums and other forms of help
  • They allow you to learn at your own pace
  • No time is wasted by these lessons in pursuing you to buy unnecessary stuff or forcing you to visit certain websites for premium content

Singing is a worthwhile pursuit and great singers can make hundreds of thousands of listeners to get mesmerized. To achieve such a high level of proficiency in singing isn’t easy but with online lessons, you can rest assured that you are on the right track.