Hear And Play Piano Review – The Pros And Cons

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About the Course

Hear and Play is a play-by-ear music system that will help you learn the piano in a unique way. It is an online hub of music resources, aimed at musicians who want to play the piano by ear.

Their mission is to help all levels of pianists learn and develop their skills. These include free online lessons, training courses, video lessons, newsletters, blogs, and software.

The resources on Hear and Play cover a variety of genres – from gospel to pop. The site gears toward different levels of experience, from total novice to advanced pianist.

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Here, we look at the three main resource sections on Hear and Play: courses, online training, and software.


The courses stood out in our Hear And Play Piano review for one reason: the instructors.

On the Hear and Play website, you can download many courses to learn the piano by ear. These courses offer detailed instruction from many renowned musicians. They are fantastic if you want to learn in the comfort of your own home and at your own speed.

The four main courses available to purchase are:

  • GospelKeys basic digital download collection
  • GospelKeys advanced digital download collection
  • Jazz and Salsa digital download collection
  • Music theory digital download collection

Whichever course you choose, you’ll receive numerous 2-3 hour-long online video programs. These courses take you through the learning process in the genre step-by-step.

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Online Training

One of the best features of Hear and Play is the Gospel Music Training Center. It is the most extensive training center for gospel pianists in the world. Through it, you can access hundreds of archived videos, as well as new lessons every week.

For a monthly fee, you can access over nine hours worth of foundation lessons, more than 700 hours of video and audio lessons and training sessions, and personalized lessons and feedback.


Hear and Play boasts several software packages. You can purchase and download them to help you learn the piano.

These packages can be beneficial for any musician who wants to improve their playing skills. You also can learn from scratch and at your own pace.

Some of the most popular software options include:

  • Song Tutor Software: This interactive software package is one of Hear and Play’s best resources. It aims to help you learn your favorite songs (which you can find on the internet). The notes and chords will appear on your screen. An on-screen keyboard shows you the notes and the duration so that you can follow along with it. You can learn the songs step-by-step, and as slowly (or quickly) as you like!
  • Ear Tutor Software: Learn how to train your ear through completing these interactive exercises. This package comes with over 750 exercises.
  • Back Pocket Band Software: You can transform your lessons into full-on jam sessions with this package of over 350 backing tracks. It includes drum loops and backing tracks, and you have the option to set your own tempo and key.
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Who Is This Course For?

Hear and Play Piano aims to help all aspiring musicians with the play-by-ear technique. It is suitable for pianists of any level learning from home or seeking to improve their existing skills and access new resources.

This goldmine of material is terrific for gospel musicians who want to elevate their souls – and their piano skills – in this amazing genre.

Finally, if you’ve always wanted to play the piano but have never learned to read music, Hear and Play provides the perfect solution. The whole course centers around learning to play by ear. Honestly, anyone can give it a go and discover their inner pianist!

Why You Should Enroll

Many of us are too busy to sign up for lessons. The freedom to learn piano in the comfort of your own home may seem out of reach. With Hear and Play, you can access an impressively wide range of resources that you can learn at your pace and in your home. You can pick and choose from the lessons, resources, and training packages you’d like. You don’t have to pay for resources you’re never going to use.

The best musicians also can play a song by ear. But this talent isn’t for the lucky few – it’s a skill you can develop. As we found in our Hear and Play Piano review, this program teaches you how.

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Advantages of Hear And Play

  • A wide range of resources, videos, and software available
  • First four lessons are free
  • Accessible to anyone even if they can’t read sheet music
  • Range of experienced tutors and supportive online community
  • Customizable – you can pick and choose which resources you’d like to use without wasting money

Disadvantages of Hear And Play

  • You need to decide for yourself what software and lessons you want to buy.  Some beginners may prefer Skoove for it’s clear single path.
  • Depending on what course you choose, you could be getting a audio only course, a cd + workbook combo, or even a fully interactive website.  Choosing another course like PianoForAll or Rocket Piano might be worth it if you are woried about what you will get with the course.
  • No tuition offered online, so you’d have to visit a recommended center if you wanted 1-1 tuition from an expert.  Check out our guide to the best online piano lessons to find a course with more feedback.
  • Hear And Play’s most interactive course is their Song Tutor Program, which reads in midi files and turns them into lessons.  Less technical people may want to choose Playground Sessions or Flowkey instead, since they already have the songs available to you.
  • Extremely advanced players will probably prefer Piano Encyclopedia which offers a academic level course on music theory and the piano.
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HearAndPlay.com is an excellent resource for piano players of all levels and experience. We love that you can access free video classes to start.

Our Hear and Play piano review found this resource would be particularly useful if you’re a total beginner. There is an impressive range of material for learning the play-by-ear technique, making it a winner for anyone who wants to learn the piano without relying on sheet music.

Hear and Play accommodates many different budgets, too. You can pick and choose which courses and software you want. Their package options are top-notch, and you’ll also find many useful tools to help you learn.

It’s quick and easy to get started with Hear and Play piano lessons. Visit the website and browse their extensive collection of resources. Better yet, you can access four free video piano lessons by entering your name and email address. What’s not to like?

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