Learn And Master Piano Review – The Pros And Cons

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About the Course

The Learn & Master Piano course was created by Will Barrow to offer people a practical way to learn piano at home. Barrow, a highly seasoned pianist and teacher based in Nashville, TN, has played alongside many renowned artists and professionals.

This course comes with several popular features. When users purchase this course, it is accompanied by an expansive song and lesson book, 20 DVDs, and 5 play-along CDs, all of which can be utilized at home. All you need to start with is your own instrument.


The collection of DVDs is one of the course’s most well-defined elements. Each DVD covers a different lesson with daily concepts explained and practice time included. It contains video segments of songs and techniques, all accompanied by Will Barrow or an animated keyboard for further detail. The DVD lessons can be navigated and used at the student’s pace. You can simply pause the DVD after each section to practice what you’ve learned before carrying onto the next stage.


The play-along CDs included in this course contain over 120 tracks that students can use to improve their skills. These tracks are recorded with actual bands, which gives students the chance to practice their songs accompanied by other instruments. The CDs contain both piano-free versions of the tracks as well as tracks where students can play along with a piano track. Tracks can also be played at different speeds.

Online Support

In addition to some of the physical components of the course, students also have access to an online support site. On the site, students can follow their progress, discuss questions or ideas with other students, and send questions to trained instructors.

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Who Is This Course For?

This course is for anyone that wants to improve their abilities on the piano. This includes players that are new to the piano. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn the instrument but have never had the time or resources to make it happen. This course helps new piano players learn all the basic concepts they need to get started and put those concepts into practice. Learn and Master Piano can help you get the foothold you need on the piano as a true beginner.

This course is also for is the people who have had some introduction to the instrument but want to improve their current skills. You can review the basics you’ve already learned and give yourself a good foundation for progression. From there, you can progress to more advanced skills. Or maybe you have a solid foundation of piano and want to brush up on your skills from years ago – this course is for you too.

This course is designed with adults in mind and can be completed at the student’s own pace. Many people take this course if they have a busy schedule but still want to enrich their lives with music. At the same time, they set small goals that they can work towards.

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Why You Should Enroll

If you have always wanted to learn the piano, you should enroll in this course. After you read this Lean and Master Piano review, take a few minutes to check out the curriculum for yourself. Take inventory of what you like about it and what you are hoping to achieve. There is little risk involved in trying this course. Even if it’s not for you, it may provide you with useful materials for future study.

If you want to learn piano but have been struggling to get started and stick to a set of goals, you should enroll in this course. The structure of this course is key. It is simple enough that you won’t get lost or feel overwhelmed. Instead, it will guide you through skill-building and meaningful practice.

Advantages of Learn and Master Piano

  • Self-paced: Because this course is self-contained, you can take it at your own pace. If you aren’t sure what type of student you are when it comes to piano, a self-paced coursed gives you the freedom to discover that on your own.
  • Helpful visuals: In each one of the DVD lessons, you’ll notice that visual keyboards and other graphics are included. If you are a visual learner, these additions will help you understand the material and learn.
  • Focus on practice: At the heart of this course, there is a commitment to practice. Practice makes you a stronger and more seasoned musician, no matter what level you are at.
  • Online community: The online community for this course is another advantage for you. If you want to discuss your experience or challenges with others, it is easy to reach out.
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Disadvantages of Learn and Master Piano

  • No instructor in the room: There isn’t a live instructor in the room for this course, which means there isn’t someone to catch your mistakes and correct you as you go. This requires you to be more self-aware and self-motivated, but it will make you a stronger pianist.  You can check out some other options with more feed back in our best online piano lessons article.
  • You can only get a physical copy of the course.  Unlike many newer piano courses like PianoForAll and Rocket Piano, you cannot take Learn And Master’s course online, you will need a DVD player.
  • It is not nearly as interactive as some of the newer piano learning applications.  Playground Sessions gives a high quality course with a great interactive interface.  Flowkey and Skoove are both designed to help beginners and feature some of the most advanced piano learning technologies available.
  • Hear And Play Piano also has several impressive courses and tools that will expand your knowledge, although each has to be bought individually.
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At the end of the day, this course is a simple but strong choice for anyone that wants to learn the piano or improve their skills on the piano. The instruction is clear and concise, with helpful visuals at every step to guide you along. You can trust that you are getting quality instruction from a professional player.

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