Piano Marvel Review – The Pros And Cons

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About the Course

Piano Marvel is a versatile music learning and practicing site that engages with students through sophisticated learning tools. It helps students to practice skills like rhythm, note matching, sight reading, and dexterity. Song-specific lessons make it easy to start applying skills and playing songs the student is drawn to.

The comprehensive course includes features like:

Playback Info Bar

Sick of losing your place in a new piece of sheet music? The playback info bar is particularly useful for beginners who may require several sessions to play through one piece of sheet music. It helps you keep and find your place.

Prepare Mode

This functionality slows down the system to your tempo. In prepare mode, the software follows you as you play through the song, however long it takes. This means that you can plunk it out note for note without the song passing you by. Again, this is useful for beginners as they may not be able to keep up otherwise.

Video Lessons

Piano Marvel holds over 300 training videos that correspond with songs and exercises. These videos provide direct and to the point instruction to help pianists improve their craft. It is a mission of the site to keep videos short and free of fluff.

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Standard Assessment of Sight Reading (SASR) testing

Piano Marvel uses SASR testing to place students and challenge them with custom excerpts designed to fit their skill level. With 90 sub-levels, each with a max score of 1900, the complex metric of skill helps students to know exactly which ways they can improve their sight reading.

Assess Mode

This functionality is spellcheck for accuracy on the piano. It uses colorful proof markings to show incorrect notes. This allows you to find subtle mistakes in your playing that you may not have noticed. Fast players who want to clean up sloppy passages can make use of this mode to catch small errors.

Practice Goals and Metrics

When users get started with the site, they can set practice goals that help to keep them on track and measure progress. The site will display these goals on the main dashboard so that students can watch their practice begin to pay off.

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Who Is This Course For?

Anyone who is interested in jump-starting their piano learning can benefit from a Piano Marvel review course. It allows students to access the personal touch that is missing from many online lessons or training videos, even without an in-person instructor.

The brilliance of this digital course is that it can be taken from wherever. Aspiring pianists all over the world can take advantage of the course offerings and start learning. Whether you’re a returning pro who wants to brush up on old skills or a new player who is just learning the basics, Piano Marvel is for you.

This course is compatible with Windows, Mac, and iPad. If you have the right tech to facilitate the course, you’re able to start learning.

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Why You Should Enroll

Students of Piano Marvel start seeing a change in their abilities beginning after just one lesson. The combination of interactive learning and video instructions make it possible for students of all skill levels to find what they need.

If you want advantages like:

  • Immediate performance feedback
  • Tests and metrics for measuring progress
  • More than 10,000 songs and exercises to learn with

…then Piano Marvel might be right for you!

Anyone looking for a user-friendly learning experience can benefit from courses by Piano Marvel. The site implements the ideology of VPA (video, prepare, assess) as a learning strategy. It means that they believe students learn best by first watching a video, then preparing, and finally assessing the performance. This tested formula means that students of Piano Marvel see vast improvements in their skills over the course of completing the lessons.

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Advantages of Piano Marvel

There are many aspects of Piano Marvel that users love. One of these facets of the company that works really well is the dashboard. It is user friendly and easily navigable. The dash includes metrics for measuring your success up against your goals. You can view practice minutes for each month, as well as your day streak. You can also see your SASR score, library of songs, and scores on method and technique. Having these scores right in front of you helps with your motivation in getting better every day.

Other advantages of Piano Marvel include that it is interactive, meaning that even without an in-person teacher, students can be active participants in their education. When learning an instrument, personalized practice and training can help improve confidence and catch and correct issues in learning sooner.

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Disadvantages of Piano Marvel

  • While Piano Marvel is user-friendly and interactive, many of the interactive elements require equipment for use.
  • A digital piano or keyboard is required to effectively use the interactive elements. Without that equipment, only the video lessons are usable.  If you don’t have a digital keyboard you may want to try one of these other piano lessons
  • Piano Marvel has a limited selection of songs to learn, mostly only gospel and Christmas carols.  Playground Sessions has rights to a much larger variety of songs.
  • If you are a beginner Flowkey and Skoove are similar applications designed for new players.  Skoove is great if you want a very clear learning path.  And Flowkey is the best choice if you want to be able to jump around and learn different things.
  • Young learners will probably get more out of Piano Wizard which was designed for young learners.
  • Students who want a less gamified approach or simply want a cheaper option should consider PianoForAll for a interactive E-book or Hear And Play to learn by ear and with a variety of tools.


Due to the thoroughly-researched learning model, students of Piano Marvel are slated to see fast improvements in their work with proper practice. For this reason, Piano Marvel is a great tool for beginner or intermediate pianists who want to improve their skills. 

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