Piano Wizard Academy Review – The Pros And Cons

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About the Course

Have you always wanted your child to take a genuine interest in the piano? You know that practice makes perfect but it seems impossible to get your child to show any real interest in the piano, let alone practice without you standing over their shoulder the whole time.

The Piano Wizard Academy is a completely different take on learning piano.  As a gamified piano learning software, it takes students (beginners and intermediates) on a journey through color, notation, melody, and – best of all for kids – fun!

The Piano Wizard Academy allows its students to have fun with the piano and learn in an unconventional way, which ultimately leads to kids wanting to continue learning. It’s stress-free and enjoyable for parents and children!

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The course is split up into 4 stages, all of which build on the previous steps.

Step one:

The introduction to the program is based on colors and objects. For young learners, this is much better than trying to introduce them to notation and sheet reading right away. This step allows learners to become familiar with the piano and its structure in a fun and exciting way.

Piano Wizard provides colored stickers for you to place on each key of your piano. Once the course has been installed on your device, the virtual keyboard on the screen will match your real instrument.

Step two:

This step still uses colors, but now shows them on a musical staff to introduce the learner to the traditional way of reading music.

By introducing the staff but still using colors, the student is able to understand the basics of reading music, while still learning within a familiar structure of identifying and playing colors.

Step three:

The student will realize that they have actually been reading music in step two. In step three, the colored ‘notes’ are now transformed into colored musical notation on the staff.

This transition makes it easier for the student to process notation. The colors are still there so that your child can recognize what they are playing, however the shape, placement, and length of each note is now how it would be presented on a piece of sheet music.

This helps the student become aware of the variety of notes and lengths in music. (Sharps, flats, whole, quarter, eight notes.)

Step four:

The final transition to black notes is made from color. This progression has taught the student musical notation without them even realizing, making the process more effortless and simple than they would have thought.

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Who Is This Course For?

The majority of Piano Wizard students are children. The software is designed to stimulate and excite its students so that the experience of learning the piano is fun – which is what makes it so great for kids. However, the course site shows success stories of adults who have learned to play the instrument through the simple,gamified curriculum.

Basically, anyone who wants to learn the piano in a step-by-step, non-traditional environment, then this course is perfect for them.

Why Should You Enroll?

If you’ve always wanted to learn the piano but have found reading music to be a hindrance, then this course was made for you. It allows anyone from any background or any level to start learning to play the piano.

If you’re enrolling your child onto the Piano Wizard Academy, you are eliminating any form of negativity when it comes to the learning process. We guarantee your child will enjoy practicing and understand notation in a more informal way. You won’t have to nag your child to spend some time at the piano and you can even join in and help, even if you can’t play music.

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Advantages of Piano Wizard

One major positive of the course is that students are able to learn music in an unconventional way and a less formal environment. Some children learn better visually, which is exactly what the course provides – using colors to teach musical notation, rather than the somewhat mathematical way than it’s usually taught.

Disadvantages of Piano Wizard

Unlike classical lessons, your child will have to motivate themselves to play, rather than be encouraged by a teacher. But, the enjoyable and visual way this course is presented helps with motivating children to sit down to practice regularly.

Sometimes virtual courses can be a little overwhelming, as you only have yourself to teach you with no physical guidance from an expert. However, Piano Wizard has been created to teach you every step of the way, so if followed correctly and at your own pace, there should be very few (if any) obstacles along the way.

Slightly older children may find that Skoove or Flowkey is a better fit since Piano Wizard is designed for very young children.  And parents that want the best available tracking and analytics will find Playground Sessions collects the most detailed analytics of their child’s practice.

Parents who want their child to learn hymns and carols will want to look into Piano Marvel which has a huge selection of of each to learn.  Or if you want your child to learn by ear, hear and play has a huge selection of courses and tool that will help your child become an expert at playing by ear.

For older children and young adults, check out our list of the best online piano lessons to find a better fit.

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The Piano Wizard Academy course has been designed with fun, natural evolution, progression, and creativeness at its core.

Used as a tool for music therapy, or just as an alternative to traditional music lessons, the Piano Wizard course has been revolutionary in its quest to teach the instrument in a new way.

We definitely recommend the course to all ages and all skill sets – it can be fun for all the family. Imagine your child being excited to practice the keyboard – that’s just an incentive to enroll on the course in itself, right?

The Piano Wizard Academy has found a way to teach the piano in a way that engages children more than ever. Who would have thought creating a video game to teach one of the most classical instruments would prove so popular?

If you haven’t enrolled in the course, then do it today. No tears, no challenges, just learning in its best and purest form. At the end of the day, learning should be a fun, thrilling, and exciting experience and enrolling in the Piano Wizard course will see your child playing their favorite pop songs in no time.

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