Pianu Review – The Pros And COns

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Have you always aspired to play the piano but never knew where to start?

Well, this Pianu review will have you running for your keyboard quicker than you can play Chopin’s ‘Raindrop.’

Anyone can learn to play the piano with Pianu. It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy Classical or Pop music. Whatever you prefer, you can master the skill and play your favorite songs in no time!

Pianu is an exciting and unconventional piano lesson service. It will make you feel like you’re playing a game rather than learning. Starting with the basics, you’ll work your way up to becoming the next piano sensation. Before you know it, you’ll be playing complicated chords and magnificent melodies!

Pianu Review: About the Service

Pianu is an online piano lesson service. Its main principle is that learning should be fun.

The creators designed the service to steer away from the constraints of traditional and conventional lessons. Their goal was to allow students to learn at their own pace and enjoyment.

For a low monthly subscription, Pianu gives you access to guided training and lessons. Each song is 100% free to play.

This method of learning is a lot cheaper than hiring a traditional teacher. You have access to a vast array of songs and as many lessons as you can fit into a month!

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How It Works

Pianu is one of the leading virtual instrument guides. Its unique instructional model means that students can naturally learn the instrument by playing songs and understanding mechanics.

The process works as follows:

  1. The program starts by introducing you to the different notes and lengths. It adds sharps, flats, and key signatures as you go.
  2. It matches potential songs you may want to learn with your current level.
  3. It lets you learn the instrument in whatever way you want, whether that be classical or pop.
  4. For every lesson that you complete, you’ll earn a badge. The accolades go all the way up until you’ve reached all 20!

The lessons teach the fundamental skills needed to master the piano, including:

  • Learning to play with both hands
  • Understanding the treble and bass clef
  • Recognizing harmony and notes
  • Reading music and learning the theory
  • Improvising with chords
  • Understanding finger-strengthening techniques

These skills are what students would learn in a conventional classroom setting. However, in our Pianu review, we found that what makes this online program different is that it allows the student to set their own pace.

There’s no need to worry about falling behind. With the online lessons, you can go back and try again if necessary.

Who Is This Course For?

One thing we appreciated in this Pianu review is that the program is really for anybody who wants to learn to play the instrument. It’s especially suitable for people who don’t want to or can’t invest in traditional lessons.

Whether you’re a child, teenager, or adult, Pianu’s goal is to help you master the basics of the piano.

Particularly well-tailored to beginners, the lessons and online instructions make the process simple without overwhelming you.

The makers of Pianu also made sure to develop a program that is accessible to players at all stages and abilities. It lets you work up to different levels while playing various songs, and it is accessible to anyone from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection.

Why Should You Enroll?

If the gratification of earning a new badge isn’t enough, there are plenty of other reasons why you should enroll.

Learning comes naturally through the program. Pianu simplifies learning and works on the hands-on approach. As you play songs, you’ll pick up the fundamentals. You can do all this without having to read boring books on music theory.

You also can learn piano from anywhere in the world at any time of day. You can make the lessons work for your schedule, rather than an instructor’s.

The program lets you set your pace and learn in a way that works for you. Not every person learns the same way, and Pianu understands that.

Simple, convenient, and extremely accessible, the program passes this Pianu review with high scores all around.

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Advantages of Pianu

One of the excellent advantages of Pianu is that you don’t need a piano to learn it! All you need is a computer with a qwerty keyboard and an internet connection. Pianu can turn any web-connected device into a playable piano.

You may want to invest in a piano or keyboard, eventually. However, if you can’t afford one yet, Pianu still makes piano learning accessible and possible for those on a budget. The affordability is one of the reasons the program earned top marks in our Pianu review.

The lessons let you learn at your own pace and skill level. Each class features guided song tutorials, with no limit to the number of songs you can learn.

If you enroll in the academy, 24/7 support is readily available. You can cancel your membership at any time. So, once you’ve become a piano genius, you can cancel your membership and not have to pay for lessons anymore.

You also can have more than one lesson a week, unlike traditional instruction, where you pay for a weekly class. It means that you can excel quicker than those who learn piano traditionally. If you’re a fast learner, Pianu is the ultimate online piano academy for you.

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If you dream of mastering the piano but don’t want the restrictions of traditional lessons, Pianu is the route for you. As we found in our Pianu review, it’s modern, convenient, accessible, and budget-friendly. This online academy is a winner all-around.

Pianu is the number one learning site for the modern student. Learn on the go for less money – how can you possibly go wrong?

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