Rocket Piano Review – The Pros And Cons

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About the Course

Rocket Piano, the Ultimate Piano Learning Kit, is a user-friendly music course designed to assist aspiring musicians to learn how to play the piano like the pros. Users will find out how to read music, play various types of piano tunes, and even how to play piano music by ear.

The course also offers fun educational games to help you to learn faster and in an enjoyable way. These games include the Chordinator, Jayde Musica Pro, and the Rocket Piano Metronome. The first two games help users to learn to read music, and the Rocket Piano Metronome helps you to learn music rhythm and timing.

The Rocket Piano course is a downloadable foray into the piano music scene, making it perfect for those who cannot make it to actual music classes due to work or family commitments. As the course packet is available online, you won’t have to wait for it to arrive by snail mail.

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Who Is This Course For?

The Rocket Piano course is for aspiring piano players who want to reach their ultimate playing potential. It is for players who find themselves on a learning plateau when the outdated ways of learning are not taking their piano playing forward.

  • The course is for players who want to find their own “voice” and learn to play the piano with feeling. The course also teaches you essential grounding and theory behind the music to complete your playing scope.
  • It is a great program for players who want to add depth to their piano playing skills, as you will learn how to practice, not just what to practice. It also helps players to practice more effectively in less time.
  • Being priced at a fraction of the cost of normal music lessons, the kit is also great for musicians who are on a tight budget.
  • It is a super option for players who want to learn in their own time.

Why You Should Enroll

This music course is backed up by a passionate team of professional musicians and music teachers, making it one of the best music courses available at the moment. The course teaches you how to make progress faster, and gives you the strong background you need to play like the professionals.

If you are looking to make fast progress, the course is also a great option. You can expect to be able to start playing some tunes in under a week.

The course is a Complete Learning System, so it is a fantastic option for players who want to have all the information they need to play well right at their fingertips.

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Advantages of the Rocket Piano Course

This music course has several remarkable advantages that you just can’t go wrong with. These include:

  • The Rocket Piano course is very reasonably priced at $39.95. As the learning packet is available to download, it is cheaper to produce and therefore a great price.
  • You will not be charged for the shipping of the product, and there is zero waiting time to get started. You can get into the Rocket Piano Members Area as soon as you have bought the course.
  • You can get access to the course from anywhere in the world.
  • As Rocket Piano makes use of the ClickBank Secure Server for payments, any banking or credit card details you use will be safe.
  • Your course comes with step-by-step instructions, so it is easy to download and to use.
  • Five bonus games and learning techniques. These include the three learning games, Chordinator, Jayde Musica Pro, and Rocket Piano Metronome, as well as the Perfect Your Pitch Pro game and Advanced Learning Techniques for Piano e-book.
  • You also get to try the Rocket Piano course free of risk for two months (60 days). The company will give you a refund if you do not feel the course benefits you for any reason. You also get to keep the bonus course features even if you decide to ask for your money back. This is a great boon, you just can’t lose with a guarantee like this in place.
  • The Rocket Piano kit is also far more cost-effective than taking traditional music lessons. As these can cost up to $100 per hour, the course will save you thousands in the long run.
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Disadvantages of the Rocket Piano Course

There are a couple of weak points to the Rocket Piano course, but in the bigger picture, they are minor.

  • The one main issue users may have is that you would need to own your own piano, or at least have regular access to one to be able to practice the exercises from the course. Pianos are a big investment to purchase, so if you do not have a piano or are not able to use one, this could be a hurdle to your learning trajectory.
  • As a lot of the games and learning techniques are based on colors and visual aid, the course would pose a problem to players who have sight impairments.
  • Some players may miss the one-on-one personal experience of a traditional music lesson, and the opportunity to get feedback about their playing progress. As such, aspiring pianists who like face-to-face lessons could combine this course with them to learn faster and practice better at home.  If any of these are a problem for you, you might want to look at some of our other piano course reviews.
  • New players who want a more interactive course might want to look into Skoove or Flowkey.  These piano learning apps offer much greater interactivity than Rocket Piano, or Playground Sessions if you already have some experience playing piano.
  • Really advanced players might prefer Piano Encyclopedia or the Learn And Master course.
  • Lastly Rocket Piano isn’t really designed for young children, Piano Wizard is much better suited for young learner’s needs.
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All things considered, Rocket Piano is a fantastic product with loads of easy to use features that will give your piano playing a boost. Its guarantees and bonus features make it a win-win offer for any aspiring piano player. 

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