The Best Online Singing Lessons – Find The Perfect Vocal Course [2021]

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I know it took me years to get confidant enough with my own singing voice to sing in front of others, and to sing the songs that I wrote in front of other people.  I was even scared to sing for my closest friends.

But the real problem I was having is that I was never getting any better at singing, because I was afraid to even give it a try!  I thought my singing voice was just bad, and that it would always be bad no matter what I did about it.

I was COMPLETELY wrong!

One day I was singing along in the car with the radio, and my friend looked over at me and she said,

“Wow!  How come I never knew you could sing?!”

I was really surprised she thought I could sing and I told her, “No, No, I’m a terrible singer, I’m embarrassed you even heard me singing now!

She turned around in her seat and looked me dead in the eye.

“Will, you can sing!  Your voice sounds amazing!  You just need to practice more, I can’t believe you’ve been hiding your beautiful voice away all this time!

I was shocked.  I had always believed my singing voice was bad, but I had never actually tried to find out or improve my singing voice!

I went home and I immediately went online to research singing and if anyone else had this problem and if I could actually learn to sing like the musicians I idealized.

I ended up enrolling in several of the best online singing courses with different vocal teachers, and I decided to share what I thought were the best online singing lessons with you.

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30 day singer imageBest Overall + Best For Beginners⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Monthly: $29.95/month
Yearly: $129/year (save $230)
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Singorama Product image with melanie alexandraBest Value For Your Money⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️$67 One Time PurchaseClick Here For A Risk Free Trial
roger love singing academy logoBest For Studio Singers⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Level 1: $197
Levels 1-2: $297
Levels 1-3+: $497
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hear and play piano logoOnly Singing Exercises⭐️⭐️⭐️Digital Course: $50Click Here For A Risk Free Trial
The Vocalist Studio LogoBest For Live Performers⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Digital Course: $199
Digital + Physical: $349
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30 Day Singer – Best All Around Course + Best For Beginners

30 Day Singer is an online course created by Reagan James from The Voice.

This online vocal course focuses on breaking down the basics of singing into easily digestible videos so that anyone can learn how to sing.

The lessons are taught by a variety of instructors so that individuals can explore and discover the type of voice that they sing with. Each teacher has a beginner course crafted so that you can complete it in 30 days, without having to dedicate large chunks of your time to master the techniques.  Once you complete the beginner course, there are tons of advanced and specialized lessons to learn from as well.  

The 30-Day Singer online voice lessons are made so that people with no prior knowledge of singing can master the basics and feel confident in their singing voice.

What’s Unique About This Course

30 Day Singer has some unique foundations that set it apart from the other courses in the guide. You’ll be able to master the basics of singing through the online video lessons provided. Additional perks include:

  • The team of instructors you’ll receive have all classically trained at Julliard.
  • The course material is separated into 30-day sections that will put you on the right track to becoming a pro.
  • You have the opportunity to participate in 1-on-1 live video lessons.
  • A 30-day course is available to help you harmonize with other singers.

Why Should I Invest in Online Singing Lessons?

Online vocal lessons allow you to dive into singing at a speed that works for your lifestyle. You get to dedicate 30 minutes of your day, whenever you want.

Maybe you work best in the morning and thus wake up to a daily online voice lesson? Or you might be a night owl who loves to sing after the sun has set. Whatever your lifestyle, investing in a high-quality course on the internet will allow you to explore singing and improve your skills.

Through internet-based courses, you get the flexibility to start whenever you want throughout the day. In most cases, you also get a plethora of course materials to help facilitate your learning. The best online singing lessons will help you determine the type of singer you are so that if you’re interested, you can find an in-person coach suited to your specific voice.

30 day singer male beginner course banner

Things To Watch Out For

Though 30 Day Singer has many good qualities, some aspects make using the service difficult. For instance:

  • The course does not offer downloads, so individuals can only access the lessons on the internet.
  • Unless you subscribe and pay for the membership, you only gain access to a limited version of the website, meaning that you don’t know exactly what lessons you’re paying for until you pay.
  • 30 Day Singer does not have a mobile app. This may make it a bit difficult to access if you’re on the go and don’t have your computer.

What To Expect When You Buy This Course

When you purchase the 30 Day Singer course, you get a curriculum that’s easy to digest and perfect for beginners wanting to master the basics. The online voice lessons are broken down into short videos where you can clearly see the instructor, and the videos are all overlaid with a piano to see which notes you’ll be working with.

This is our #1 rated course due to the ease of use and quality of instruction.  The only major downside to this course is that your lessons expire when you stop paying your subscription.

We recommend buying the annual membership, it will save you a ton of money against the monthly membership, and a year is long enough to get really comfortable with singing.  While the creators add content all the time, after a year of courses you should be confident enough to take your singing to the next level!

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Singorama – The Best Value For The Price

woman singing into microphone close up facial shot

Singorama is probably the best value for your money on the market.  Especially if you’re just starting out,  you may not want to make a huge commitment (in price or memberships).  Compared with the other courses on the best online singing lessons list, this course has the highest quality and the lowest price.  

Singorama offers a one time payment of $67 for their main course, which includes a free month of their premium membership (easy to cancel within a month if you don’t love it).  This is how they keep their content updated with new online singing lessons.  

The main course will take you through every stage of learning how to sing and teach you the fundamentals at each step.  It is ideal for beginners, since it takes you through the fundamentals of singing and offers guidance on how to consistently improve throughout your singing career.  

Each modules is somewhere between 10-20 minutes and offers you an enormous amount of information.  They tell you some fantastic secrets, like why “breath from your diaphragm” isn’t helpful and what a better method of breathing is.  

What’s Unique About This Course

The lessons were crafted by Melanie Alexander, a member of the former girl group Girlfriend, and the course promises vocal improvement with only 10 minutes of daily practice.

The Singorama course is special because it builds up your singing knowledge from the very basics.  This is great if you are new to singing, or if you are a self taught singer who feels like they are missing some fundamental concepts.  Singorama covers all the singing basics in a clear and concise progression, with each step building on the last.  

You can utilize the materials 24/7, meaning that you don’t have to schedule specific times to meet with a vocal coach. And to keep track of your progress, you’ll have access to the mini recording studio. 

Moreover, you’ll be able to go at your own pace without worrying about keeping up with other students. Whether you work best at 2 AM or 3 PM, you’ll always have access to the tools you need to become a better singer.

young singer singing into a pop screen with headphones on

Are Online Courses Good Options for Beginners?

Maybe you’re excited to start your singing lessons. You may even be a little nervous because this is a new journey for you. As a beginner, you won’t be familiar with the singing verbiage and terms. If you don’t understand these technical singing terms, you might be unsure about purchasing online singing lessons. Fortunately, Singorama assumes their students are coming to them with little to no singing knowledge, and aims to each in plain english. 

It’s pretty disheartening to jump into an online singing course that is only bombarded with music theory terms and no context. Fortunately, the music courses we’ll be reviewing don’t treat you like you already know everything there is to know about singing. As a complete beginner, you can jump into any of the lessons and learn at your pace.  

Things To Watch Out For

If you are already an experienced singer, you may want to look into one of the other courses on this list.  The Roger Love Singing Academy and The Vocalist Studio are two courses that are more geared towards advanced singers.  However if you are looking for a refresher on the basics, Singorama might just be for you!

The course is only available as an online download, meaning that you won’t be able to use the materials unless you have your computer. Plus, if you have a dial-up internet connection, you’ll have to download the installers first and then the course components. 

Most of the vocal exercises, warmups, and songs are sung by Melanie or another female singer.  If you are a male singer you may find that some of these bonuses are out of your range.  Male singers may want to look into the 30 Day Singer Course instead, it is slightly more expensive than Singorama but you get a selection of different teachers to choose from, including two professional male singers.  

What To Expect When You Buy This Course

You can expect a course of bite sized lessons that can take you from a beginner to advanced singer with only a little bit of practice!  You get a bunch of bonuses from recording software to several singing ebooks, and the course is designed work well for a variety of learners. It comes with a virtual piano, options to record yourself, and additional vocal strengthening and range exercises.

Singorama is the best value for a singing course you can find online.  $67 for the whole course is an absolute steal when you look into the quality of the lessons, not to mention all the insane bonuses you get when you sign up!  Plus you get a generous 60-day money back guarantee so if you don’t absolutely love the course, you can simply get your money back instead!

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Singorama Cost

Roger Love Singing Academy – Best For Studio Singers

man in all black with hat and sunglasses singing into studio mic

The Roger Love Singing Academy was crafted by Roger Love, a vocal coach who has helped many popular singers gain proper vocal technique. The instructor has taught stars like Demi Levato, Maroon 5, and the cast of Glee. The course is broken down into three separate sections, starting with the basics to an intermediate level before going into more advanced techniques. Individuals can choose what level they feel best suited for and advance from there.

If you are interested in singing popular music, the Roger Love Singing Academy will have you belting like your favorite superstar.

What’s Unique About This Course

With this course, you’ll be focusing on developing your middle voice alongside your head and chest voice. Roger Love helps individuals create a healthy range while not straining their voices. Additional benefits received include: 

  • You also learn to play instruments to accompany your singing.
  • The course focuses explicitly on auditions and overcoming stage fright
  • Individuals will learn runs and how to safely transition from their chest voice to their middle voice to their head voice.
  • You’ll gain tips and tricks on choosing the perfect song for your voice
  • If you want to start at the beginning level, you can upgrade to an intermediate or advanced level whenever you see fit.
  • The course is broken down into three sections that take about 14 weeks to go through, so you can go through the material at your own pace without feeling rushed.

What About a Private Vocal Coach?

For years, individuals interested in honing their singing skills had to rely on private vocal coaches. Even today, many people will suggest getting a personal instructor to help them become a better singer. These trainers range in skills, singing experience, and expertise. Essentially, you never know what you’ll be getting.

When hunting for a private vocal coach you want to keep the following in mind:

  • Your location. If you live in a popular and artistic city like NYC or London, you’ll have a variety of coaches to choose from. On the other hand, if you live in a smaller city or town like Boring or Turtle Lake, you probably won’t have many choices.
  • Pricing. Private vocal coaches rely on the payments of their students to maintain their lifestyles. Because of this, the courses tend to run on the more expensive side. If you find a wonderful instructor who suits your desires well, the fees are worth it, but sometimes you’ll choose someone not suited to you. Refunds usually aren’t available with traditional coaches.
  • The singing that you’re interested in. Don’t know what type of singing you’re interested in? Experimentation is key. Reliable vocal coaches will allow you to explore your options fully.

Because of this, along with the other factors mentioned, online vocal lessons are best suited for beginners. You get the opportunity to discover new facets of your voice without breaking your bank account or jumping from one private vocal coach to another.

With this course, you’ll receive instruction from a vocal coach who has taught Grammy Award-winning students. If you want to become a professional singer, this is the course for you.

woman singing in half silouette

Things To Watch Out For

The Roger Love Singing Academy is tailored towards those who want to perform. Because of the performance catering, some aspects common to online vocal lessons are missing from the course.

  • Sight-reading is not included in the course.
  • You won’t learn how to sing classic or opera style music.
  • The lessons are not in HD, meaning the visual quality is a bit lacking.
  • The lessons do not come with visual aids.

If your goal is not to become a professional singer, some lessons won’t appeal to you. Also, the price point is a bit high compared to the other courses on this list, but nothing is unreasonable.

What To Expect When You Buy This Course

When you purchase any of the three Roger Love Singing Academy courses, you are preparing to step into the professional world of singing. The lessons will help you develop your skills as a performer. You’ll get detailed instructions from an individual, Roger Love, who has been training Hollywood stars for years.

After going through the 14 weeks, you’ll be ready to step on stage and audition for any TV show, musical, or movie that comes your way.

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The Vocalist Studio – Best For Live Performers

black and white photo of a band playing and singing on stage

The Vocalist Studio is a series of online vocal lessons suited to help you audition better. The course was created by voice coach Robert Lunte and focuses on giving you more confidence in your voice. The lessons are tailored to helping you perform comfortably in front of crowds. You’ll be able to step onto the stage and steal the hearts of whoever is watching.

What’s Unique About This Course

The course is built to help individuals become more confident in their singing to do better at auditions. The lessons are part of Robert Lunte’s methodology titled, The Four Pillars of Singing. A few details on his lessons include: 

  • Embraces the practice of modal pedagogy
  • The course helps you associate visual colors with specific notes
  • The lessons are dedicated to helping you craft a workflow to keep your voice in shape
  • Robert Lunte helps students become familiar with the amplification equipment involved in singing

If you have a tricky audition that you want to practice for, the Vocalist Studio will help you nail it. You can exercise your technique to nail specific auditions, gain more range, and impress the people around you. Even if you’re a beginner, the Vocalist Studio will help you develop your stage presence and confidence in your singing voice.

woman passionatly belting out a song

Things To Watch Out For

Since the course is tailored to help you nail auditions, some aspects of traditional voice lessons will not be present in the material. If you are not interested in auditioning for a band, some content might not be relevant to you. You’ll also be recommended additional equipment to buy, including an essential oil inhaler. If you’re not interested in purchasing gear and gadgets to improve your voice, potentially, you can simply go through the lessons without the extra machinery.

What To Expect When You Buy This Course

When you invest in the Vocalist Studio, you are preparing yourself for a career as a professional musician. The lessons combine basic singing techniques with tips and tricks to get over performance anxiety. Additional features you’ll receive include: 

  • A comprehensive guide to learning how to sing for other people.
  • A course dedicated to helping you improve vocally, whether it’s your singing, speaking, or accent.
  • A solid foundation to build up your vocal power/techniques.
  • An opportunity to take private vocal lessons with Robert Lunte
  • A forum where you can share your experiences and tribulations with other students in the course.

If you have a dream of singing in a band, the Vocalist Studio will help bring your talents up to the test. You’ll be able to audition for whatever band you’re interested in, whether pop, punk, or rock and roll.

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The Vocalist Studio - Four Pillars of singing logo

Hear And Play Vocal Mastery – Best If You Only Want Vocal Exercises

woman singing into microphone

Hear and Play Vocal Mastery is the best course for strongly self motivated learners who are trying to stay on a budget.  

It is the cheapest course on the market, however you get no support or feedback from anyone while you take the course.

What To Expect When You Buy This Course

The course is audio only, with classes being 30 minute long audio courses with tons of vocal exercises.

Expect to be doing a lot of work on your own, and to practice applying the techniques by yourself.

The information is good and the techniques are useful, but the motivation to practice has to come from you.  The course will teach you techniques but it won’t hold your hand along the way.

Compared with some of the other options here, it is becoming a bit dated as well, but the physical aspect of the course can make it a good gift or collection item for someone who prefers physical products.  

While we recommend Singorama as a better course in similar price range, you can order Hear and Play Vocal Mastery now by visiting their website.

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hear and play piano logo


There are tons of amazing online singing lessons available, and hopefully now you have a clear idea of which one is best for you!  We Recommend 30 Day Singer as the best all around course for anyone looking to try out online singing lessons.

We will keep our list of the best online singing lessons updated as much as possible, so if you are looking for a new course, come back and check it out

Remember most of these courses offer risk free guarantees, so you can give them a try and see if it’s right for you!  The only way to know is to give one a try!

If you’re interested in trying to learn a different instrument, check out what other instruments you can learn online

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30 day singer imageBest Overall + Best For Beginners⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Monthly: $29.95/month
Yearly: $129/year (save $230)
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Singorama Product image with melanie alexandraBest Value For Your Money⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️$67 One Time PurchaseClick Here For A Risk Free Trial
roger love singing academy logoBest For Studio Singers⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Level 1: $197
Levels 1-2: $297
Levels 1-3+: $497
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hear and play piano logoOnly Singing Exercises⭐️⭐️⭐️Digital Course: $50Click Here For A Risk Free Trial
The Vocalist Studio LogoBest For Live Performers⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Digital Course: $199
Digital + Physical: $349
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