30 Day Singer Review – The Pros And Cons

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About The Course

The 30 Day Singer Course promises to make you a better singer in less than a month, and they even manage to deliver on that promise. The course covers the fundamentals of singing through a series of professional video tutorials with engaging teachers.

In a step-by-step fashion, you will learn different singing techniques and vocal exercises. The videos offer tips on how to strengthen your vocals and develop your confidence as a performer.

This is one of the best online singing courses that we have reviewed.  It is the best beginner course we have reviewed, and there is plenty of content for a more advanced singer to sink their teeth into.  The course offers you actionable lessons that will help you improve every single day.

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Highly-Educated Instructors

The tutorials on 30DS (30 Day Singer Course) aren’t just the products of random self-proclaimed professionals. They are highly-educated and experienced singers, some of who have received education from Julliard.

Some instructors you can pick from are Camille van Niekerk, Jonathan Estabrooks, and Jon Statham.  This learning system even offers instruction from Reagan James, who was a contestant on The Voice.

The wide variety of teachers allows gives tons of flexibility to find the best teacher to match your style.  And no other course on the market offers this kind of flexibility to choose your own teacher and follow your own singing path.

Beginner & Advanced Lessons

Each of the three beginner courses cover the fundamentals of singing. Each of the three main teachers has a beginner course geared towards new students, so you can try them out and see which teacher matches your style the best.

Advanced lessons let students choose their focus. You can view these videos in any order. With over 100 singing lessons in the Advanced category, you can practice anything from specific genres or imitating your favorite singer, to playing an instrument and singing simultaneously.

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Specialized Technique Lessons

This section of 30 Day Singer Course will teach you some special singing tricks, techniques and practices that you won’t see in any other course.  This will take you beyond the beginner lessons and start working on specific singing qualities, such as breath control, vibrato, and getting better tone.

Warm-Ups & Exercises

This section teaches students how to protect their vocal health and avoid straining their voices.  It walks you through how to build a strong vocal practice at any level, so that you are sure to be constantly improving.

While this might seem to be a beginner level section, this might be the most useful part of the 3DS lessons.  They will bring you back to the basics and help you develop a strong singing foundation, or fill any holes in your fundamentals if you have been singing for a long time.

We found this to be the most important section of these online singing lessons, and recommend you check them out no matter what your current level is.

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Who Is This Course For?

30 Day Singer is primarily for beginners who want to improve their singing. The course helps beginners incorporate practical vocal exercises into their daily practice routine. Beginners will also get the chance to work on extending their vocal ranges and achieving maximum vocal power.

While we recommend 30 Day Singer as the best beginner online singing course, it also has tons of resources for intermediate and advanced singers. Check out some examples of tutorials that 30 Day Singer has available for advanced singers:

  • Avoiding Bad Vocal Techniques
  • Singing with Style
  • Perform Like a Pro
  • How to Sing Vibrato
  • Intro to R&B
  • Classical Singing Style
  • Steps to Better Phrasing

No matter your experience level, 30 Day Singer has the resources to help you improve your singing.

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Why You Should Enroll

Our 30 Day Singer review loved this course because of its quick pace. Other online courses will interact with their students on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. These programs can drag out the lessons, requiring more money and time to advance to higher stages.

With the beginner course, students can work at their own pace. If your goal is a rapid improvement, the course will push you to get better quickly. However, if you want to learn more slowly, you can work through the tutorials on your schedule and anywhere with an internet connection.

If you need some convincing of this course’s effectiveness, consider the recognition it has received. It was both a Gold and Silver recipient of the Davey Awards, an international award given to businesses for outstanding creativity and execution. 30DS was also a Silver recipient of the W3 Awards, which similarly recognizes creative digital excellence.

Our 30 Day Singer review also found thousands of satisfied customers who saw results. The program is indeed for those of all experience levels, and even for musicians who just want help learning to sing and play.

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Advantages of 30 Day Singer

Check out some of the things we loved most in our 30 Day Singer review!

Choose Your Own Teacher

Most online singing lessons only have one option for a teacher.  This means that if you buy the course and find out the teaching style or singing style doesn’t match your preferences, there is nothing you can do about it!

30 Day Singer gives you a choice of teachers to choose from, so that you can find the perfect person to match your learning and singing style.  If you sing in a higher register, you can learn with Camille van Niekerk.  If your a guitarist who wants to sing with their instrument, learn with Jon Statham.  If you want a classical singing teacher with a music theater and opera background, learn with Jonathan Estabrooks.

Follow Your Own Path

With the huge range of lessons to choose from, you can pick and choose what courses most interest you.  You can work on weaknesses in your singing, or learn the tricks that make professional singers sound so good.

Once you go through the 30 day beginner course, you will still only have scratched the surface of what 30DS provides their students.

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Optional One-on-One Lessons

While the instructional videos are beneficial, they may not be personal enough for an enthusiastic learner. If you prefer personalized instruction, you can book a one-on-one lesson with the instructor of your choice.  The in person lesson can really help you sing like a pop star or work on some more advanced techniques like runs and embellishments that are easier with an in-person tutor.

Unfortunately, the one-on-one lessons are not part of the monthly subscription. A 30-minute lesson costs $45, and a 1-hour lesson costs $85.

You do not need to pay for private lessons to see results from these online singing lessons. However, they are an excellent option to have if you are struggling with a concept or need extra help for an upcoming performance.  These one-on-one lessons can be your ace in the hole.

Community Forum

30 Day Singer has a community forum where students can post any questions they have about the course content. Here, they can interact with their peers. They can receive the support and encouragement they need to become a better singer.

Instructors will even give their input on the forum, which is fantastic! Plus, it’s free with your membership, you can interact with expert teachers for no additional cost.

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The Actual Website

The user interface is very well designed and easy to understand.  The simple intuitive interface makes it clear how to navigate the website, and easy to find your way to the perfect singing lesson for your level.

One thing that bothered me while I was going through the course is that it doesn’t save the video you are on!  Every day when I came back to the beginner course, it started from the first video in the course, and I had to go to find the correct video myself.

EDIT:  The new website has added a feature that lets you jump to recent videos, which is a big improvement for the course.

Disadvantages of 30 Day Singer

As great as the course is, our 30 Day Singer review wanted to point out a few disadvantages to this course, so you know what to look out for.


30 Day Singer is a little pricier than some other online singing courses. However, it has a lot of content already on the site that makes it well worth the price. Plus, they are always adding fresh content to help you improve your vocals.

If the initial price tag stops you from signing up, you can save big by signing up for the entire year. The 30 Day Singer annual package offers more than a 50% discount from the monthly packages!

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Membership-Contingent Resources

Another potential disadvantage our 30 Day Singer review found is that you’ll lose access to all of the website’s content once you cancel your monthly membership. This point is just an expectation you’ll have to have when you sign up.

You could try out Singorama or Hear And Play Vocal Mastery if you are looking for a cheap course that never expires.  Or if you are looking for a more professional course, and price isn’t a problem, The Roger Love Singing Academy or The Vocalist Studio are probably the best singing lessons for you.

Check out out Best Online Singing Lessons article for a high level overview of the top rated online vocal courses.

Final Verdict

30 Day Singer is the best option for new and aspiring singers. With your subscription, you will receive access to high-quality instructors and many detailed tutorials. This program will help you extend your vocal range and improve your vocal control, tone, and pitch in just one month.

You’ll get to work on your own time, breeze through the basics, and explore different singing styles and techniques.

Not ready to fully commit to the course yet? 30 Day Singer offers a free 14-day trial for new users, as well as their 30 day money back guarantee! When you sign up for this free trial, you’ll have access to all of the content on 30 Day Singer’s site. Try it out for yourself today!

Want To Try 30 Day Singer For Free?

Try out this course free today!  30 Day Singer is our most highly rated singing course; and our best ranked beginner course!

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