Hear And Play Vocal Mastery Review – the Pros And Cons

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Hear and Play says that its Vocal Mastery Course can improve your vocal range by 300%. The company bills the lessons as the ultimate resource for beginners and advanced vocalists. But does the course measure up?

About the Course

This course contains 10 audio discs packed with singing exercises and practices. You’ll learn professional secrets from vocal coaches. The lessons teach you to sing the right way from the start, or they will polish the skills you’ve already developed. What we love about this course is that it goes beyond singing in the correct key. You get:

  • Practical exercises to improve your vocal range and endurance
  • Ideas on how to add stylistic flourishes strategically to make a song your own
  • Advice on the correct posture
  • Simple techniques to stay in tune
  • Tips to prevent vocal strain
  • Tricks to maintain your energy levels throughout
  • Exercises to improve your control
  • Tips that professional vocal coaches use to make mediocre singers sound more like stars
  • Advice on how to build your lung capacity
  • A Professionally Crafted Course

The lessons are similar to what you’d get with a live vocal coach. You choose which lessons you want to work through at your own pace. Hear and Play caters to serious singers and musicians. You won’t find a ton of gimmicky extra bonuses that don’t add much value. Instead, you get real advice that improves your singing.

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Beginner & Advanced Lessons

You could look at this as a crash course for beginners. You’ll learn singing tips that will save you endless mistakes later on. Practicing the right techniques from the start helps you to advance faster. Advanced singers will also gain knowledge. The lessons on improving your vocal range and reducing vocal strain work for all levels of experience. An experienced singer knows how to hold a tune. But does that singer know how to vary the voice to make the tune more enjoyable? If you feel that your music has become a little predictable, you’ll love the fresh outlook the course gives you.

Specialized Technique Lessons

The specialized techniques in the lessons teach you how to make performances captivating. The system for learning to improve your vocal range is surprisingly simple, too.

Warm-Ups & Exercises

Be prepared to exercise. There are many simple practicals to work through. There are 10 discs in total, and you should master the techniques in each before moving to the next. No one enjoys practicing the same techniques over and over. If you want to see real improvement, however, you don’t have a choice. On the plus side, the exercises here are purposeful, so your effort doesn’t feel like a waste of time.

Who Is This Course For?

This course has something for everyone. Beginners get a kick out of learning tricks to help them make quick progress. The lessons are a good substitute for a live coach – at a fraction of the cost. More experienced vocalists will appreciate the tips to improve their range. The course really does teach you to expand your range by three times. That gives a professional artist a lot more versatility. Jaded performers will enjoy the lessons on injecting life into their performance. They’ll also benefit by identifying bad habits that make maintaining their energy a challenge. Everyone benefits from learning professional tips. The exercises on saving your voice and improving your endurance are particularly valuable.

Why You Should Enroll

You should enroll if you love singing and want to improve your performance. Will the training land you a record deal?  Well, No course can guarantee that. Even talented performers battle to get their big break. What the videos can do is give you the best chance to succeed. If you’re willing to apply the theory that you learn and practice, you’ll have an edge.

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Advantages of Hear and Play Vocal Mastery

Out of the numerous advantages here are some that we thought were most important.

1.  Your Choice of Format

Download the product, or order the DVDs that will be shipped to you.

2.  Exclusive Vocal Exercises

Some of the exercises are available only with this program. You won’t get them anywhere else online.

3.  Generous Money-Back Guarantee

A 30-day money-back guarantee is the industry standard. Hear and Play gives you a full 365 days instead. If, within the first year, you don’t feel you’ve benefited, return the course.

4.  Monthly Music Mentor Program Trial

You get three months of access to the program for free. This program teaches you how to play the piano.

5.  Different Payment Plans Available

You may pay for the course in three installments if that’s easier for you.

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Disadvantages of Hear and Play Vocal Mastery

Pricing Confusion

There is some confusion over the pricing of this course… If you follow the link they will advertise one price and payment plan, but when you click through to the cart it will tell you a different price. Our advice is simply to click to the cart to see what the current pricing structure is, since that is the number that you will actually be charged. You may want to look into Singorama for a similarly priced course that is more accurate in their advertising.

Huge Amount of Content to Work Through

If you want a program that will make you a better singer in an hour, this isn’t it. Having to work through all the videos might seem daunting at first. On the plus side, you work at your own pace. Stick to one lesson per week – or one per month. It’s your choice.

You Have to Practice

The videos give you exercises to practice daily, but doesn’t walk you through them the way 30 Day Singer does. If you want to be outstanding, that’s what it will take. The music business is hard work. The people who succeed are those who show up every day and put in the effort.

Not a Lot of Bonus Content

You get a three-month subscription to the Monthly Music Mentor program. That’s great if you have a piano. It’s not much good if you have no interest in playing the piano. Would we prefer more bonuses? Naturally. We want every freebie we can get. But you must weigh the cost of those freebies. Do you want a mediocre course with a ton of bonuses you don’t use, or do you want an outstanding resource?

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Verdict: Is It Worth It?

Is the Hear And Play Vocal Mastery course worth it?  If you are looking for several hours of singing exercises to work on in your free time, this course is exactly right.  However if you are looking for a more clear cut course, that will take you from beginner to advanced singer, we recommend checking out our 30 Day Singer Review (Best Beginner Course) or our Singorama review (Best Value). Will this course make you a better singer? If you listen to the advice and do the exercises regularly, it absolutely will. The lessons give singers a great base of vocal exercises and drill to start their practice, and will almost certainly hold new tips and tricks for advanced performers hone their skills.

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