Singorama Review – The Pros And Cons

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Singorama – About The Course

Singorama 2.0 is a tried and tested singing course.  It has taught thousands of singers since it was originally created created by Melanie Alexander, a singer for the band Girlfriend (who made several platinum and gold albums) and professional voice coach.

The course contains a well structured and easy to follow main course; as well as a huge variety of bonuses, including pitch perfect training software and recording software so you can track your improvement over the course.

The main course will take you from a beginner to an advanced singer in a matter of weeks, covering all the important aspects of singing, practice, posture, and breathing.  If you are already a more advanced singer, it can be an excellent review of the basics, and you are guaranteed to learn something new.

Our Singorama review looked at the 3 major courses available you can buy depending on what you want to improve…

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Singorama 2.0 – Best Value Singing Course For Beginners

Our Singorama review rated this course the best value for the money, because it is the highest quality singing course available, for the lowest price.

This course is designed better than it’s price competitor Hear And Play Vocal Mastery.  And it is much cheaper than 30 Day Singer or Vocalist Studio, with the added bonus that you keep the course forever (rather than losing it when your subscription ends).

The Singorama 2.0 package also comes with tons of extra tools, bonuses, and vocal exercises to help you master the art of singing.

Besides the main course, you will receive bonus audio lessons, recording studio software, pitch training software, and several other extras.

With all the bonus software it will be like having a mini recording studio in your home.  And enough audio lessons and vocal exercises to keep your practice fresh and exciting.

This course will take you from the beginning stages of singing all the way to the advanced levels.  It focuses on giving you a strong foundational understanding of what singing is and how singing works.  As you advance further in the course you will get introduced to more advanced exercises and concepts around singing and making songs powerful and  expressive.

This singing course is packed with value and will give you all the tools you need to succeed.

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Platinum Inner Circle – Ongoing Lessons From The Creators of Singorama

By becoming a part of the Platinum Inner Circle, you can have access to even more lessons and programs.

These are more advanced lessons, because they assume you have already gone through Singorama 2.0.

Singorama’s creators regularly put out additional exercises, interviews, and podcasts to help with your continuing improvement as a singer.  If you sign up for Singorama 2.0 you get access to the inner circle completely free for 1 month!

Songwriting – Songwriting Techniques For More Advanced Singers

If you are interested in becoming a songwriter, this course will give you a solid foundation to build on.  You will learn how to write songs, study the art of songwriting, and put those lessons to work with an expert leading the way.

The course will take you step by step through creating an entire song.  This is amazingly helpful if you have ever tried writing a song and found you got stuck along the way.  Having someone walk you through each step will ensure that you never get stuck when working on your own.

The Superior Songwriting course comes with the recording studio software as well as an ebook on songwriting creativity.

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Who Is This Course For?

With so many lessons to choose from in the course, Singorama is designed to help singers at all levels of their journey.

But the people who will most benefit are beginners or advanced singers who wish to review the fundamentals of singing.

Singorama is perfect for those who have busy lifestyles but still wish to learn the art of singing. The lessons are self-paced and can be catered to fit your exact skill level.

You can work as fast or as slow as you want.  Each lesson is between 5 and 20 minutes, meaning that you can easily fit one lesson per day into your schedule, no matter how busy you are!

Lesson subjects range from breaking down the basics of reading music and singing all the way up the scale, to how to master challenging techniques.

You have the option to begin your training at any stage depending on where your current skill sets may fall.

There are even courses offered for different skill sets, like songwriting!

If you have always been interested in the art of songwriting or have been looking for an outlet to present your songwriting skills, Singorama has the course just for you.

Learning to write songs for specific audiences can be a challenge without the proper tools and training. Singorama’s songwriting program will break down the entire process and will have you on your way to writing some great hits after just a few lessons!

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Why You Should Enroll

Apart from the obvious benefits of taking online singing lessons, there are some other great reasons that you should sign up today!

These lessons were designed by experts, and as I said above, have been tried and tested and are guaranteed to work.

Many people think that having a great singing voice is something that you are born with. The truth is, just like practicing at a sport or hobby, you can train your voice to be equally as beautiful as those with the talents you have always admired.

Singing lessons are designed to harness your existing skills and work to make them better – I can promise that you will come out of these lessons a stronger and more confident singer!

Advantages of Choosing Singorama

Singorama offers some key benefits that you will not find anywhere else:

  • These lessons are far more affordable than the traditional, in-person lessons
  • You are in charge and can move at whatever pace you like
  • Past lessons are saved and readily available for you to review at no additional cost
  • Expert tutors and singers are available to help you master your singing journey
  • You will have access to these novel singing techniques that you can’t find anywhere else on the web
  • They offer a 60 day money back guarantee if your not completely satisfied
  • You will be singing (and singing well, I might add!) in no time at all
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Disadvantages of Choosing Singorama

The truth is, some people are just going to prefer the personalized experience of face-to-face instruction, and that is completely fine!  If that is the case for you some of these other options might be for you.

If that’s you, I recommend using this course alongside your traditional singing lessons, or even another course like Roger Love Singing Academy that offers in person feedback. That way, you get the best of both worlds and can practice at your own pace at home – you won’t have to wait until your next real-life tutoring session.

Most of the exercises and sing along songs were recorded by a female singer, so male singers might struggle with the range of the recordings.  You can either practice down an octave or we recommend checking out 30 Day Singer which has several male instructors you can choose from.

While this specific online platform may not be everyone’s first choice, I highly recommend giving it a chance. And, you never know, but it might be the exact type of training you have been looking for!

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As someone who has researched and tried many of the different singing lessons out there, I can honestly say that Singorama offers the best value for the cost!

At only $67 one time payment, you would expect the quality of the lessons and course website to be quite low, however the course is actually way better than many other more expensive courses.

If you are looking for the best value for your money, this course is absolutely it.  And if you try it out and decide it’s not for you, they offer a 60 day money back guarantee so you can try it out before you decide.

It is hard to compete with such a well designed and easy to follow set of lessons.  You will not be disappointed if you buy Singorama.

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