The Vocalist Studio Review – The Pros And Cons

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About The Vocalist Studio Course

The Four Pillars of Singing is a comprehensive and complete vocal training program. Created by Robert Lunte, the course helps singers to improve their most valuable asset-their voice. It teaches leading-edge methods and techniques.

The Vocalist Studio integrates the two singing-teaching methods prevalent in the industry: vocal strength building and mixed singing. Mixing the two methods ensures that one program draws on each’s strengths and makes up for the weaknesses of the other.

The course shows singers the scientific and practical application of their art. It also incorporates a step by step guide on how to practice and train the techniques taught. The Four Pillars of Singing review will cover the course that is the most comprehensive.

The course starts with Robert explaining some of the common myths of singing. This part is essential because it clears a lot of confusion. It gives you the right mindset to complete the course. He also explains vital techniques while giving the students a complete picture of the task ahead of them.

The Four Pillars of Singing contains 13 modules, with 175 video sessions filmed by Robert.

Vocal Training Modules

The Four Pillars of Singing course is a product of the Vocalist Studio (TVS), founded by Robert Lunte. The course uses the TVS methodology of training, which mostly involves:

  • Vocal modes
  • Vowel training
  • Bridging of registers
  • Specialized onsets
  • Siren
  • Onset exercises

This unique method that helps singers solve every vocal exercise they encounter.

There are 13 modules in total in this course. Some of them include:

  • Training Warm-ups
  • Physical Modes
  • Training Onsets & Sirens
  • Acoustic Modes
  • Vocal Effects
  • Training Intermediate Demonstrations
  • Training Advanced Demonstrations
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In these sessions, Robert explains complex theories about music in a straightforward and complete way. He makes sophisticated theories simple enough for everyone to understand. In The Vocalist Studio review, we found the accessibility to be one of the features that make this course excellent.

Robert also uses sign languages to express his points, making it easy to understand singing concepts. The course also includes visual aids written in bullet points to show the main ideas in the lectures.

Training Routines

Another strength of this program is that it includes hundreds of training practices for the singer. The program covers both strength-building and coordination-training.

Robert again utilizes his strengths to give you an enjoyable experience while learning. He goes beyond what most teachers do, singing every exercise up and down the scale with you.

Usually, most teachers start with the first scale and guide you to the end by playing the piano. With Robert’s method, you get demos that guide you in every area.

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Who Is This Course For?

The Four Pillars of Singing course is ideal for any student interested in improving their singing. The course offers all the information a singer requires to make life-lasting progress in their quest to sing better.

In The Four Pillars of Singing review, we do highly recommend this course only for singers who are ready to dedicate hours in training and practice. Testimonies from people who have committed time and effort show a lot of positive feedback.

This program will bring out your talent and give you the confidence to chase your dreams in singing. If you aspire to be a performer someday, this course is for you.

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Why You Should Enroll

The course is a well-structured and professionally organized platform for singing. Right from the beginning of The Vocalist Studio review, we noticed the program aims for the best. It makes other courses seem elementary.

Upon completing this course, singers will be able to sing in front of big crowds, win auditions, and get breakthroughs in their careers. They will be able to perform amazing gigs and get traction for their singing. Hitting strong and powerful notes should no longer be a problem.

Everything you need to learn is in this program.

Advantages of the Four Pillars of Singing Course

This course has multiple benefits because of its high quality, uniqueness, and originality. We have listed some of the advantages below:

  • Hundreds of training routines for singers.
  • Practice makes progress; by the end of the course, singers will have amassed a lot of experience and be ready for the big stage.
  • The online course has quality HD demonstrations and training videos. The Vocalist Studio has invested heavily in the development of this course. The material is high-quality and enjoyable to use for learning.
  • It simplifies profound theories and gives detailed explanations. Robert breaks down even the most complex theories and makes them understandable for learners.
  • Suitable for any skill level or learning pace. The course is helpful to both fast and slow learners.
  • This course is one of the most complete training programs for singers, with lectures and practice programs.
  • The price of the Four Pillars of Singing is affordable compared to its quality.
  • You only need to make a one-time payment to receive lifetime access to the program.
  • Singing students receive the best customer support. Robert himself answers the live chat on their website, so you can expect to receive complete answers.
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Disadvantages Of The Vocalist Studio

Any honest review will alert you to the disadvantages. A couple of items we thought you’d want to know include:

  • The lectures could be too detailed for beginners.  New singers may prefer 30 Day Singer since the course is designed for beginners.
  • The learning is intense and could overwhelm some students.
  • The Vocalist Studio only offers a 14 day money back guarantee, so if you need more time to test the course Roger Love’s 30 day money back guarantee is a bit more forgiving.
  • Some people don’t like Robert’s singing style.
  • If you are on a budget, you may prefer a cheaper course like Singorama or Hear And Play Vocal Mastery.

If you think another course might be a better fit for you, you can check out our reviews of the best online singing courses.

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The Four Pillars of Singing review found this is among the best vocal training programs on the market. It is complete because it covers every aspect of singing in lectures and training. It is an excellent course if you have a passion for music and want to become a great singer. While it takes sacrifice to become a fantastic singer, this course makes the challenge easier.

Follow your passion for music by enrolling for the Four Pillars of Singing course. You’ll be amazed by the progress you can make.

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